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Looking for a Cover Artists/Designer, look no further! Here’s a fantastic list!


Sue A. Fairchild is a freelance editor and writer who specializes in substantial edits and Christian writing. She is a member of the Christian Editor Connection, board member and webmistress of St. Davids Christian Writers’ Association and Conference, secretary of West Branch Christian Writers, editor for online publisher, Evolved Publishing, and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.
Her first full-length YA novel, What You Think You Know, is available at Amazon now. She is currently working on a second novel and on a biblical study for negative thinkers.
Sue’s attention to detail and passion for good writing assists her clients in making their work shine. She’d love to talk with you about editing your next big project! 
Connect with her on TwitterFacebook , or email her for a free consultation and estimate (max. 2 pages).


Just Write Creations Pre-Made and Custome Book Covers, Logos and more!

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Crystal Clear’s PA Service for Authors. Personal Literary Services (PA) & Book Covers

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Krista Venero
Mountains Wanted Publishing
editing, proofreading and self-publishing consultation


About Two Broke Authors

Authors K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore have joined together to bring new indie authors a chance to publish and promote their books while sticking to a budget! We have all of your publishing needs covered! Formatting, awesome teasers, amazing book trailers, and more!

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We review books of all genres on Goodreads, Amazon US and Uk, and the blog.
We also offer an editing service, inbox for prices


Virtual Assistant/Author's Assistant

Every Day

 Check on Facebook ads, kill low performers, create new ones if needed

 Checks email from the general form on websites. Answer basic queries and

forward the ones who need answers from the author.

 Post general updates to social media about sales or promos for books

Once a week:

 Checks all retail pages to look for errors, problems, or reviews

 Search for new mentions or reviews on blogs and forwards anything the author

needs to see.

 Determines if any mail lists have gone too long without an email from the author –

pull together content if one needs to go out.


 Checks Goodreads for book editions to combine/correct

 Goes through the stock art sites where the author has accounts to create/add new


 Checks on favorite photographers to see if they have new exclusive work we should

snap up for potential cover art in the future.

 Create an easy to follow posting schedule based on daily posts as well as upcoming


 For new accounts – create initial headers and profile pictures

 Find new followers/likes using various methods including giveaways and paid fb ads

 Read books: look for typos/errors

 Audio Proofing – Listen to audio books for errors/book matches audio/voices match


 Book travel – flights/hotels/conventions

 Attend conventions – set up booth

 Spreadsheet provided – Monitor Best Selling Romance Authors' Information:

Social Media/Series, etc.

 Create a spreadsheet for author (you as the author) mentions

 Create spreadsheet for author “buy links” (where book can be purchased?

 Create booklist with pertinent information – series numbers, short descriptions,

publishing dates, notes that pertain to book (novella vs full length book/stand-


 Create Banners/bookmarks/Swag for giveaways/conventions/author signings

 Create spreadsheets to show every website that author is mentioned

As a new book is prepped:

 Reads the book to pull quotes

 Creates quote graphics/teasers

 Contacts bloggers who have reviewed previously and offers an ARC

 Looks for other bloggers who review and approach with an ARC

 Puts the book up on Goodreads

 Send emails to the subscriber base with teasers and preorder info

Release Week Approaches

 Updates release spreadsheet with Facebook pages to approach

 Request promo slots

 Send out ARCS and manages people who can’t load them/chatter

 Updates all retailer sites and author profiles to include new book

During Release Week

 Watch for live links – convert them to short links

 Posts with graphics to social media

 Sends out emails

 Works with bloggers who are talking to her/asking questions

 Sends out prizes to anyone we offered them to

 Doles out prepared blog posts/Character interviews

 Writes Facebook page owners to ask to post release

 Gathers blogger and Facebook posted links for the street team to thank and

comment on

 Alert author to big blog/special reviews that they should personally

thank/comment on

 Gather quote from Blogs to add to the editorial section on retailer pages

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